Avner Cohen

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Avner Cohen is entrepreneur, Broker in Israel , ceo and owner of Real Estate investment company E.G.A. PROPERTIES, His practical experience in negotiation, infrastructure, and purchasing, and passion for competition and perfection have all contributed to a successful career in Israel and the United States for the last decade.

As a partner in a flat-lining real estate firm, Avner’s work ethic and enthusiasm increased company wide sales by 50% in less than 5 years. His personal multi-million dollar portfolio, perseverance for strategic marketing, and negotiating skills brought the firm exclusive deals for large scale associations, representing several hundred units per contract.
Avner provides additional value by using the strategic forecasting experience he developed studying the stock market at the university level. In working with individual real estate investors, he applies these talents to identify excellent deals to suit his clients, both buyers and sellers.

Avner is also the owner of the Property management company “outlook property management llc” and is making sure to provide clients with the best concierge services to their properties during the purchase of their investments and specially after.

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